We've been hosting competitive leagues on Mineplex since 2014, and it gets better every year. In 2014, the Champions Competitive League was founded by a large group of dedicated players on Mineplex. They all rallied around one gamemode -- Champions -- and built a competitive league from the ground up. It was messy, but successful. In our first two seasons alone, we saw hundreds of teams request to join. That's when we knew we were on to something.

Next came the MineStrike League. The MineStrike community on Mineplex was just as dedicated as the Champions community, and we saw hundreds of players join teams during the first season. Built from a Minecraft take on CS:GO, MineStrike continues to be wildly successful on Mineplex, and is now considered one of the "classic" games on the server.

5 Directors

12 Managers

22 Referees

982 Members