Our Story

In 2014, hundreds of players looking for competitive gaming on a mostly casual Minecraft server took matters into their own hands and founded the Champions Competitive League. The CCL was Mineplex's first community-run league and tournament community ever, and it grew fast. With over 60 teams registered to play in the CCL's first season, it was obvious the Mineplex community needed more competition.

Shortly after the Champions League's creation, members of the MineStrike community took the same idea and created the MineStrike Competitive League. Built as a CS:GO look-alike in Minecraft, MineStrike has always been one of the most popular games on Mineplex. It only seemed natural to create real competitive rankings and teams.

Months after the MSCL's creation, the Bridges Competitive League sprouted and grew faster than the CCL and MSCL ever saw. With Bridges being one of the classic games Mineplex, it quickly surpassed 300 concurrent players in the rankings.

In early 2017, the Mineplex Competitive League officially partnered with Mineplex to bring more tournaments to the public. The first official tournament the MCL hosted was Battle of the Bridges. Only 48 spots were available, but the MCL saw 150 teams register for entry. The tournament was by far the best Mineplex had ever seen. Because of this, the MCL and Mineplex hosted a second tournament in mid-2017 -- the MS Open 2017.

The Mineplex Competitive League continues to search for new competitive opportunities, including new leagues and tournaments. Interested in joining us? Become a partner or join the staff team.

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The competitive community on Mineplex is huge. Our leagues are an integral part of it.
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We plan to become the world's largest competitive Minecraft tournament and league organization. Are you interested? We can use all the help we can get!
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