Dawn of a New Age


Hello everybody. For years, the MCL has been known for its relentless efforts with Mineplex and has been constantly working with their community, their games, and have even hosted a total of three official tournaments for them. We have built a strong community in Mineplex, the strongest that has ever been created from just a community-created project, however, here at the Global Team we are always looking for new opportunities to expand and increase our outreach throughout the community and we have achieved this through our most recent expansion today. I am honored to announce that the CVCL will be joining our ranks inside of the MCL and we will no longer be the Mineplex Competitive League, we will be the Minecraft Competitive League!


So you may be asking, what does this mean for you? Why should you care that we are expanding into other servers? Well CVCL will be a very strong foundation for a brand new game on a brand new server that already has a very competitive community. Along with this, it opens our doors to be able to expand into more game modes and more leagues inside of many other servers.


With this expansion to other servers and this complete rebranding of our leagues, we have rebranded our league websites. Some of you may remember the Alpha version of MCL Club 0.8.2 which was the framework of what we wanted these websites to become all that time ago. I am proud to introduce to you MCL Club 1.0

Some of the new features that define what Club now include:

More user-friendly (including mobile compatibility)

  • Redesigned to look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Video Showcase panels for community content along with MCL content.
  • League specific Discord panels
  • Website articles
  • Twitter panel
There are many more features to come but this redesign gives us much more to work with and I’m very excited for its future development!


We’ve created a trailer to commemorate this moment in history for the MCL. Feel free to check it out!


I just wanted to thank everybody that has been a part of this 4-year journey, wherever it has started for you. The MCL wouldn’t be able to be anywhere it is today without the constant support of you as a community. We hope we continue to have your support as we continue to expand and grow into new areas that we never even imagined were possible when this first started. Now for a few shoutouts.

Noid: He single-handedly created this entire website that you see this announcement on and will continue to see many features on. He’s also been a great leader of our Development Team and has poured hours upon hours to make the MCL what it is today.

Kara: I wanted to do a quick shoutout for Kara for what he’s done for this update in particular. He created every single logo that’ll be used in Hypixel along with our Minecraft Competitive League Logo. He’s a great artist and I would recommend him if you need anything done in illustrator.

Ged: From his recent promotion of Content Lead, he’s already taken a lot of charge in our Media Team and created this entire trailer for us. Please thank him for his work and I am excited to see what he does in the future.

MCL Global Team: They have been putting relentless work on this recently and worked so well on this update. They’ve been spending hours upon hours to make all of this possible and deserve to be where they are.

With all of that being said, I am pleased to conclude the letter regarding the Minecraft Competitive League Update! Cheers to a Dawn of A New Age!

Posted by Vilare on 11/23/2018