I come to you today with an announcement that is very heartfelt. Our current PDCL Chairman, Vilare (Chris), is officially resigning from all staff positions in the PDCL as of today. Chris began his work in what was known at the time as the MCL in 2014. Since then, Chris worked his way up the chain of command, from management, to Director, and then eventually Global, and yet once farther as the Global Director and now Chairman of the PDCL. Chris has facilitated and watched the PDCL grow and develop throughout the years, even going under an entire rebrand and new partnership with those at Podcrash +. Chris has truly done so much for the PDCL, a lot of which the regular player may not see. Chris’ resignation should not only be read in a heartfelt manner, but everyone should also be proud of him for all the work he has done, all the memories he has given, and all of the countless hours he has put into these five leagues. Thank you once again Chris, from the players, the Staff Team, and especially the Global Team for all you have done for us.


It comes with great sadness that I’m even making this message. Knowing what you’ve done for the MCL / PDCL is astronomical and motivates me to go even higher. From me getting suspended from CWCL Head Referee I never expected reaching where I am now but it’s all thanks to your help. Everything you’ve done for me has not only helped me through difficult situations but taught me how to handle the foreseeable future. Your leadership has come a long way and benefited not only the Global team but the entire staff team and community. When you offered me Leadership I knew I’d be working very close with you & learn a lot of new things. I only hope for the best for your future. Never forget that I’m a better director LLL. #bobbedinfinals #loveyachris #suspendedtoglobal #bestglobal


I’ve known this day was coming for quite some time, but I never expected it to come so soon. When I first met you, you were completely different than you are now. From the first time meeting you as a regular player to seeing where you are now, it’s actually crazy. I appreciate everything you’ve done from me, from the beginning of my time as staff to now. Just starting out as a referee in CCL and moving into media, I know I’ve made the right choices and have learned quite a few things from you. I know you’ll still be around so it’s not a complete farewell from me. I’ll make sure to still bother you to the point of you finally responding to me! Insert one of the mulitple dumb jokes we’ve made in interviews.

-Counselor Courtney

Thank you for the opportunity for global, Chris! I do believe that if you put your mind to it, you can do great in the real world. You do have the right mind for business. You did good things for PDCL, including expanding the league, hosting tournaments, and even getting a partnership! Just don't let others discourage you from your focus.


The Durham Force. I watched your scrims with energy to learn how to play dom. Through both playing the game and working as staff with you, I have always admired your work and how much you thought you have put into expanding the community that we all met each other. It's rare to find people the continue to give back to the community even when the community doesn't give much to you, but always seeing you make changes and improve is extremely motivating. I hope you know the work you have done for this league has benefitted us so much and allowed us to continue to grow and carry on your optimistic vision of the PDCL. I hope you know you are always welcome in our community and I thank you for allowing me a chance to be a leader for those who want to work their way up to give back to the league. I wish you the best in whatever you pursue. "I won't just go ham, I'll go DURHAM" - Wise Minecraft Profit circa 2018

- AJ / Kol

Posted by Justin on 6/09/2019

Clash of the Cakes


Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that we are kicking off the brand new year with a brand new tournament for you all today! Introducing Clash of The Cakes!

Clash of The Cakes (CoTC) is the 4th official tournament hosted by the Mineplex Competitive League. It is officially sponsored and promoted by Mineplex. CoTC is a tournament based on the current year-long operating game of Cake Wars. The game was started as a 4-way battle where you and 3 other players would obtain resources, contest for mid, and try and capture or eat the other team's cakes. The last standing team would be proclaimed as the winner. As the game continued to grow and develop, the CWCL was then officially endorsed by the MCL on April 14th, 2018. This league started like many other leagues have, a community in love with a game. After wanting a more competitive environment for their game, a handful of those community members decided to create the CWCL. Since its early days in November of last year, it was clear that competitive Cake Wars was a very popular choice for players in Mineplex, and the Mineplex Leadership Team along with the MCL 100% agree! So without further ado, I present to you our first Cake Wars tournament Clash of The Cakes!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register! Don’t be the person who misses out and sign up below, along with checking out our other links!



1st place: exclusive Red Cake particles, exclusive “Frosted Cake Crusades Victor” title, a custom sword name and 30,000 experience.

2nd place: exclusive Red Cake particles, 20,000 experience, and 7 Illuminated Chests.

3rd place: exclusive Red Cake particles, 10,000 experience, and 5 Illuminated Chests.

Team Registrations

The tournament team registrations will be handled and processed by Tournament Managers on the MCL website.
  • You must be in the MCL Tournament Discord so that we can apply your tag to gain access to the tournament channel.
    • All games will require you to join the Tournament Discord Calls provided.
  • You can only apply for your team one time. If you are registering more than one team, all of the teams you applied for will be removed and you will not be able to apply again.
  • You must register your team with at least 5 and max of 12 members (including yourself) as each match will require 5 players per match and you have extra players just in case.
  • You must be the “leader” of the team applying for the team and everyone on your roster must be the people that will be playing.
    • If you are caught adding players who did not want to participate, your team will be removed from the event and you will not be allowed to apply again.
    • By submitting the application, you agree to serve as the main point of contact for your team. Should you be away for a match, please contact a Coordinator so we can assist.
  • Roster changes will be permitted up until the day before the first match of the tournament. Once the first match begins, rosters will be locked and no additions or substitutions will be allowed with the exception of IGN changes for a player already on your roster.
    • Should a player on your team change their IGN, please make sure to contact a Coordinator so that we can update your roster. All IGN changes should be submitted to a Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to the start of your match.

You can register your team on our forums here

You must be registered on our website in order to submit the registration.

Tournament Structure

  • This tournament will consist of two separate stages. The first stage will be played round robin style, with teams being placed into a group with three other teams. The top two teams from each group will advance to the elimination stage. Should there be a tie in the overall match record, the tie will be broken based on the result of the match between the tied teams. The second stage will be single-elimination, beginning with the 32 teams that move on from the round robin stage, and continuing until one team is left.
  • Each match will consist of 2 teams with 5 or 6 players per team.
  • A match win is determined by the team that won that 1 round
    • Round Robin Stage: In this stage, each match will consist of a single round. Your team will play all other teams in the group, and the top two teams from each group will advance.
    • Elimination Stage (Rounds 1 and 2, Quarterfinals): Here you will be doing a best out of 3 [3 Matches]. The first team to win 2 matches will progress.
    • Elimination Stage (Semifinals): If your team makes it to the semifinals, you will be doing best out of 5 (5 matches). The losing teams from this stage will play in the Bronze Match for 3rd place.
    • Elimination Stage (Finals and Bronze Match): If your team makes it to the finals, it will be best out of 5. Whoever wins this round will take 1st place, the loser will take 2nd place and the winner of the Bronze Match will be the 3rd place winner.
  • Teams will be scheduled by Tournament Managers on weekends so there is a better chance of the teams making it.

Rules and Guidelines

  • All of Mineplex’s Rules will apply:
  • Matches will start at assigned date and time. You will be messaged by a coordinator 30 minutes before your team is scheduled to play.
    • You must have the players ready 5-10 minutes before your team is scheduled to play so we don’t delay the time.
  • If any team has fewer than 5 players, that team must play “as-is”.
  • Tournament staff will not be able to officiate a game that their team is playing in.
  • You can not ask for extra time on your game, we have a schedule we will need to follow.
  • CWCL approved maps are the only maps to be played; Oasis, Milo Realm, Frosted Cakes, Cherry Falls, Pinecone, Chantarelle, and Sanctuary.
  • A1) The following rules are upheld during the tournament:
    • A team is allowed only 1 warrior per 2 players.
    • A team is allowed only 1 archer per 2 players.
    • A team is allowed only 1 builder per 2 players.
    • A team is allowed only allowed a maximum of 1 frosting.
    • Suffocating players with deploy platforms is strictly not allowed.
    • Suffocation warnings will be spread across rounds, as in you'll be given 2 warnings, and then removed from the mps. You'll be let back in next round. Warnings will be reset when someone is removed. Suffocation on cake will remain as an instant kick.
    • If the other team is impacted [Deaths or Substantial Damage] from a trap of deploy platforms, a round loss may be called at the discretion of the match officials.
    • No excessive skybasing/camping on a high point of the map. (Determined by a staff member)
    • Obsidian will not be allowed to be used to defend your cake, but may be used when playing aggressive.
    • Building significantly under the map is not allowed. You may not camp or glitch under the map.
    • Players may not block up holes above the void (Holes at mid) excessively for the purpose of creating FPS lag.
    • In a match between two teams, their islands must be parallel to each other. These are islands that are on the opposite side of another island.
    • No duping of any kind (Duping of arrows / bows / swords / blocks / items).
    • No Ghosting
  • A2)Map Rotation:
    • Regional:
    • 3 Map Rotation provided by management
    • International:
    • Team A Map [Team B server choice] > Random map [Team B server choice] > Team B Map [Team A server choice] > Random map [Team A server choice]
    • The international map will be calculated on accumulated points granted that the outcome is 2-2. If a team goes 3-1, they win the round.


  • We will be conducting screenshares in this tournament.
  • Screenshares will be called at the discretion of Referees and Coordinators.
  • Suggestions will be permitted, but staff are not obligated to act on them.
  • Anyone found to be cheating will be blacklisted from all future tournaments, and will risk having their team disqualified from the tournament.


Thank you for taking interest in this tournament! We will be announcing more information as time continues, but for now feel free to check out our links below, specifically our trailer that was edited by Intel_i7!


Posted by Vilare on 1/12/2019

Merry Christmas Updates

Hello everyone! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your time with your friends and family as that is very important, however here at the MCL work never stops and I am here to present to you our Christmas present to you all as a community, that being us teaming up with Podcrash to bring to you our newest project, Podcrash Competitive League (PDCL)!
I know we just rebranded into Minecraft Competitive League, but with our expansion, we decided we will need a lot more resources on our side to continue to provide for you all the competitive experience you deserve. In order to do this, we decided cohesively with our partners at Podcrash to rebrand ourselves into the Podcrash Competitive League and become an official component of the Podcrash Company.

So you may be asking, why would we do that? Aren’t they just a mod? Well to many’s surprise, Podcrash+, the mod we all know of in our community, is not all this company has to offer! Podcrash is a company ran by Callum and serves as the umbrella term for several different organizations such as their Media Team, Build Team, Development Team, and now their Competitive Organization. With this change we are launching today, we will be able to use their resources to build a much greater competitive experience within this community, one that shatters the very idea of Competitive not only in Minecraft but potentially across the entire gaming industry.
You will see many changes in terms of how we operate due to this especially in the quality in terms of our media presence, use of Podcrash+ with its update in order to run better for all players, and a much wider audience to present ourselves to. So if you are a new face who follows Podcrash and is seeing us for the first time welcome aboard and get ready for a wild ride!

New Website
A great feature that will be at our resources for generations to come with this new merge is a remade website! Introducing the Podcrash Competitive Website! (
This website will be what we use to operate everything on, from our team registrations, roster updates, newsletters such as this one, staff applications, showcasing rosters and rules, and much more while building a community to let you as the community use some of our resources to create your own leagues! That’s right our platform will be officially endorsing other community created leagues and events so that you as the player base can create whatever it is you wish to see a competitive atmosphere in, however that does not mean we are officially endorsing all of these leagues and events that are created. They are solely community ran by using our platforms. To become officially endorsed will be done through a certain procedure which will be announced at a later time.
We will still be using our current websites until a smooth transition is made into this one and some things are fixed up, but we are announcing this so you can make your accounts and create your teams so we can use those databases when we completely finish everything on the website so please do not delay and check it out!

I can speak on behalf of the MCL Global Team that we are very excited to work with Podcrash and create something much more revolutionary than our creators could’ve ever possibly imagined. I’m sure you can tell many large operations are on the way and I can’t wait to fill you all in with what we’re creating.
There’s a lot coming and I can tell you this merge is just the beginning. Team Leaders especially will need to be keeping an eye out for what’s next as there will be a lot of changes to how rosters and team leader updates work as well as managing your team.
If you have any questions regarding this you can message me or anybody else on the Global Team on Discord. You can also message Callum (Callum#0001) if you are interested in the foundation of Podcrash and want more information on it! You can also visit their websites at:

Posted by Vilare on 12/27/2018

Dawn of a New Age


Hello everybody. For years, the MCL has been known for its relentless efforts with Mineplex and has been constantly working with their community, their games, and have even hosted a total of three official tournaments for them. We have built a strong community in Mineplex, the strongest that has ever been created from just a community-created project, however, here at the Global Team we are always looking for new opportunities to expand and increase our outreach throughout the community and we have achieved this through our most recent expansion today. I am honored to announce that the CVCL will be joining our ranks inside of the MCL and we will no longer be the Mineplex Competitive League, we will be the Minecraft Competitive League!


So you may be asking, what does this mean for you? Why should you care that we are expanding into other servers? Well CVCL will be a very strong foundation for a brand new game on a brand new server that already has a very competitive community. Along with this, it opens our doors to be able to expand into more game modes and more leagues inside of many other servers.


With this expansion to other servers and this complete rebranding of our leagues, we have rebranded our league websites. Some of you may remember the Alpha version of MCL Club 0.8.2 which was the framework of what we wanted these websites to become all that time ago. I am proud to introduce to you MCL Club 1.0

Some of the new features that define what Club now include:

More user-friendly (including mobile compatibility)

  • Redesigned to look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Video Showcase panels for community content along with MCL content.
  • League specific Discord panels
  • Website articles
  • Twitter panel
There are many more features to come but this redesign gives us much more to work with and I’m very excited for its future development!


We’ve created a trailer to commemorate this moment in history for the MCL. Feel free to check it out!


I just wanted to thank everybody that has been a part of this 4-year journey, wherever it has started for you. The MCL wouldn’t be able to be anywhere it is today without the constant support of you as a community. We hope we continue to have your support as we continue to expand and grow into new areas that we never even imagined were possible when this first started. Now for a few shoutouts.

Noid: He single-handedly created this entire website that you see this announcement on and will continue to see many features on. He’s also been a great leader of our Development Team and has poured hours upon hours to make the MCL what it is today.

Kara: I wanted to do a quick shoutout for Kara for what he’s done for this update in particular. He created every single logo that’ll be used in Hypixel along with our Minecraft Competitive League Logo. He’s a great artist and I would recommend him if you need anything done in illustrator.

Ged: From his recent promotion of Content Lead, he’s already taken a lot of charge in our Media Team and created this entire trailer for us. Please thank him for his work and I am excited to see what he does in the future.

MCL Global Team: They have been putting relentless work on this recently and worked so well on this update. They’ve been spending hours upon hours to make all of this possible and deserve to be where they are.

With all of that being said, I am pleased to conclude the letter regarding the Minecraft Competitive League Update! Cheers to a Dawn of A New Age!

Posted by Vilare on 11/23/2018